Selected Publications

2018                Editor of Daylight, collaborative newspaper exploring the archives of the Wellcome Collection which featured introduction “Support Systems”

2018                States of Wake,  publication edited by Diana Damien Martin, published by ]performance s p a c e[,  featured essay on Attention titled “Dedications to Gravity”

2017                ‘Wake Festival’, Writer in residence, with Jenny Klein and Diana Damien Martin at performance space, Folkestone

2016                ‘Playing the live art game’, RealTime issue #132 April-May 2016 pg. 4

2013                ‘Do you want me to touch you’, RealTime issue #115 June-July 2013 pg. 12

2011                Spill Stings Writer in Residence, at Spill Festival, with Johanna Linsley, Mary Patterson, Theron Schmitt

2011                ‘The Quiet Volume: Ciudades Parralelas’, Un, issue 5.2

2010                ‘It always feels like the first time,’ RealTime issue #100 Dec-Jan 2010 pg. 4

2008                ‘Gob Squad saves the world,’ RealTime issue #83 Feb-March 2008 pg. 34

2008               ‘Encounters bizarre, elusive & beautiful,’ RealTime issue #83 Feb-March 2008 pg. 30