Performances and Events

Selected Events and Performances

2018                Daylighting, is a four-day programme of events at the Wellcome Collection. Exploring the interconnections of art, activism, performance, politics, health and print, with a live printing workshop, discussions, readings and collective writing. Curated with Clare Qualmann and Amy Sharrocks.

2017                The Economy is a Uterus, workshop in the Urban Room, Folkestone Triennial, UK with the Marrickville School of Economics. With Rebecca Conroy

2017                Beyond Neoliberalism, discussion in the Urban Room, Folkestone Triennial, UK with the Marrickville School of Economics

2017             Folkestone Summer School of Economics, Live Art DIY, running week long workshop in the Urban Room,  UK with the Marrickville School of Economics. With Rebecca Conroy

2016                Scribe, a live writing project within the festival in which Scribes capture the experience of members of the public to create the democratic document of the festival, with Leisa Shelton, Spill Festival, Ipswitch UK

2012                En La Niebla with In Common in collaboration with the FSGR, Salamanca, Spain, Commissioned by Connexiones Improbables, Bilbao, Spain. With Leili Sreberny-Mohammadi

2012                Empty Gesture, with Sarah Rodigari, Alaska Projects, Sydney, Australia

2009                Agency for Collective Action, (Agen Aksi Bersama) with pvi collective (Perth) and Panther, Commissioned by South Projects, with Kunci and Cemmeti Arts House, Indonesia

2009                Playground a New World Order, Panther, Live Works Festival, Sydney, Australia with Sarah Rodigari

2008                We will leave our pursuers with nothing but our capes, Panther, Performance Space Live Art Platform, Sydney, with Sarah Rodigari

2007                This is not a playground, Panther, Anti Festival, Kuopio, Finland

2007                Split Radio, Mimic Mass, Conical Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2006                6pm Accident Report, Liquid Architecture, Melbourne, Australia

2005                 Stationary, Mimic Mass, Next Wave Festival Melbourne, Australia