2018            only ever almost there, Curator, Royal Pump House Museums and Galleries, Leamington Spa, solo exhibition of the work of live artist and sculptor Amy Sharrocks.

2018              ‘Ash to Ash, Curator and public artwork producer of a new work by Ackroyd & Harvey, commissioned by the Kent Downs located in White Horse Wood Country Park exhibition for The Ash Project

2018              ‘The Ash Archive’, Curator, Studio 3 Gallery, University of Kent, UK, Limbo Gallery Margate, Brewery Tap Gallery, Folkestone, touring collective archive exhibition for The Ash Project

2012              En la niebla, Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez, Salamanca, Spain.

2010               ‘here, now:’ mapping independent Australian arts practices, Adelaide Festival Centre, Australia

2008               ‘Exercises in Happiness’ Panther, Bouverie Studios, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Australia

2007                Exercises in Happiness’ Panther, Substation Gallery, Singapore

2005                Strangers and Intimacy, Panther & Reader, CCA, Glasgow and West Space, Melbourne, Australia