If we call this a performance…

Event, Research

In 2011 I did a series of walks to the sea, the walks took place over a single day with one person at a time from a house in Queens Park, Brighton to the sea which was an hour round trip.  We walked side by side and held between us the single proposition that we might remember this walk differently if we were to call it a performance.

Over the last nine years I have often recalled that performance, many times, wondering if indeed the words we spoke on our walks to the sea did stay in peoples minds.

We spoke about maps, and mountains and fathers and shows and griefs and loves and our abilities to speak and not speak, I remember talking to one artist about their travels across Europe and we held other walks between us and we talked about the sea and what it holds and how it holds us, and the ways in which we are drawn towards it and what we leave behind at the shore.