Agency, Jogjakarta, 2009

The Agency for Collective Action


the agency for collective action was a collaboration between pvi collective and panther, a melbourne live art duo. the project investigated ways in which we can activate disparate groups of people to undertake a shared action through performance and public intervention.

the highly aspirational intentions of the agency for collective action appealed to both pvi and panther; the aim of seeking out a commitment by all involved to take a stand and act upon it together. this commitment, whilst inherently absurd and largely doomed to failure, served to poetically highlight an innate desire to change and affect the landscape. it was largely this impossibility in all its magnitude that appeals and for us gave the work its currency, integrity and ability to have impact on an audience.

we at the agency for collective action were interested in the decisions we make as individuals and the way in which individual interests can inform and empower events. we were interested in the way individuals come together, make decisions, and unite to make affirmative decisions for a collective future. we take action to make decisions. we find common cause among strangers; we create small communities out of larger ones and in doing so highlight the many tensions and triumphs of individualism in a global collective.